Improving Top Talent in 6 Months


A senior leader in a Fortune 500 company wanted to improve the leadership skills and impact of cohort of top leaders in his organization.


Each leader was given a comprehensive leadership assessment to highlight potential areas for improvement. From that data and review of the team’s business objectives, each of these leaders was also coached to develop a goal to improve leadership that, if accomplished, would have a meaningful impact on the business. These leaders then engaged stakeholders for support and accountability of the goal. Additional 1:1 support and facilitated leadership team experiences were provided.


63% of the leaders’ goals were rated by stakeholders as valuable to the goals of the team. 37% were rated as very valuable. 89% of the leaders were rated as having made “much progress” towards their goal. 5% were rated as having made a “great deal” of progress and another 5% was rated as making “some” progress.

In summary, in six months, 94% of this cohort of leaders were rated by their stakeholders (supervisors, co-workers, and direct reports) as having made significant progress on a leadership goal that was seen as valuable to attainment of team results.

Senior Leader Growth and Success


A senior leader working in a large multinational organization felt that he could be even more effective in his interactions across functions. Many key projects were dependent on the quality of his interactions with key stakeholders, alignment of resources, and meeting key milestones with other groups.


Data were collected via assessments and interviews with key stakeholders, direct reports, and the client’s manager, the CMO. Gaps and strengths were identified that informed and suggested behavior strategies to improve synergistic value creation with other business functions. The leader practiced the new strategies and added new ones based on interactions with stakeholders.


Interactions were reported to be much more productive, resulting in effective alignment with other groups to deliver mission-critical projects on time. Direct reports and peers reported the leader was much more effective in interactions, allowing for the creation of more value and synergy between departments. The leader was subsequently given a global role with more opportunity to create value among business units.


historic Progress on strategic initiatives in < 1 year


The CEO of a large middle market company wanted to organize the team to make more progress on strategic initiatives.


All projects from the strategic plan were captured and organized by team with a champion. Initiatives were narrowed and refined by distinguishing between “strategic initiatives” and those that were the team’s “day job.”

Monthly facilitated team meetings were implemented with a focus on visibility, collaboration, and ROI thinking.


The leader reported that the team made more progress on their strategic intiatives with this approach than they ever had with previous efforts.

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