Growth Leader Essentials

What to Expect

Recent events are like nothing any of us has ever experienced. Today, more than ever, leaders need 1) practical approaches to maintain growth and 2) community to help them along the way.

Growth Leaders Essentials is designed to meet those two needs by creating opportunities for leaders to connect, learn, and grow.

Webinars and in-person events

  • Programs are scheduled every 3 weeks with the exception of the end of December
  • Click the links to read a description of each event and to register.

September 15th Creative Collaboration: Setting the Stage for New Products, Processes, and More

October 6th Lessons reconfirmed…Value creation leadership lessons I reconfirmed while rebuilding a company

October 27th Beyond Digital Dust: How to Develop and Execute a Stellar Strategy

November 10th Creating and Sustaining a Highly Engaged Workforce…Even While Remote

December 8th MISSING … The Missing C-suite Position that Creates “Gotta Have” Businesses

January 5th Surfing the Silver Tsunami: Preparing Future Leaders to Drive Enterprise Value

January 26th Measurable Marketing Outcomes: Making Marketing Investments that Pay Off

February 16 How to Design and Future-proof an Effective Senior Leadership Team

March 9th Show me the MONEY … Management Bonus and Incentive Plans that Actually Do What They are Intended to Do

March 30th Scientific, Ethical and Legal Recruitment and Hiring

Tentative Live Events (Phoenix area)

Live events are by invitation only. If you are a senior leader and interested in attending, please contact Gary by phone 480-720-9551 or email

October 15th Reset, Rethink, Relaunch…Strategies to Thrive in 2021 (executive breakfast)

January 21, 2021 Thinking Big, Moving Fast (executive breakfast)


While anyone is welcome to sign up for a webinar, the content has been developed with the needs of senior leaders in mind.

Live events are by invitation only. Please contact us directly if you are interested in attending.


We are pleased to present Growth Leader Essentials in partnership with Meadows Bank and Capital Insight Partners.


Webinar panelists and subject matter experts


Gary Covert

Founder, Gary Covert Consulting


Joel Strom

Founder, Chief Value Officer Programs


Jamie Glass

CMO and Founder, Artful Thinkers

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