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Jeff Hyvarinen| CEO | Danko Mechanical Sales

We are a fast-growing company and have a great team. By working with Gary, we have taken it to another level. The senior team is even more strategically aligned and quickly making progress on key drivers that will ensure we are a stand-out in our marketplace. I would recommend Gary and his approaches to other CEOs and business owners.



Tom Egan | CEO | FSL

I have worked with Gary Covert for the past few years and have been very pleased with our results. Gary has helped me think more strategically about becoming a results driven leader. I am always impressed with Gary’s ability to synthesize a problem I am experiencing at my company and work with me on a variety of strategic approaches to solving them.


Barry Portman | COO | Blackbuck Resources

Gary has helped us throughout the organization by developing key talent and preparing them to be even more effective leaders. Gary helps us to think differently and innovatively. 


Adam Webster | CEO | Rocky Mountain Restoration

Gary has provided us with tools and strategy to innovate. We now have a common language and can innovate at all levels of the company.


Scott Look | Business owner and former VP and GM at Avnet

Gary, I want to take a moment to thank you for the work / coaching that you did with me this past year. Your individualized plan really tailored to the areas that I needed some awareness and coaching. I really appreciated the time taken to do verbal 360’s with the folks I have the pleasure to work with, that really opened my eyes to how people see me in certain situations. The advice and coaching is paying dividends to me personally and professionally. Thanks for the help.


VP, ENR Top 100 Construction Company

Gary has helped me with my own development through active coaching and conversation, while also giving very good insight on our recruitment and talent development endeavors.  He gives a very beneficial outside perspective on issues pertaining to all facets of work and life.


Dr. Kyle House | CEO | Dental Service Organization

After achieving a level a fairly high level of success in my business life running a large group practice system and rapidly growing insurance company I found myself disheartened because my life was out of balance. Gary helped me to quickly course correct into a lifestyle that nurtured success throughout my life both personally and professionally without deeply intruding on any one aspect and for that I cannot recommend him enough.


Steve Nelson, CFA | CEO | Capital Insight Partners

With Gary’s guidance we have not made a bad hire.  He boosts our confidence and ability to identify, hire and onboard great talent.  Our growth reflects this.


Jennifer Keys | Director | Fortune 100 Healthcare Company

Through my work with Gary I realized that I was bringing “more value” than needed to my teams. He challenged me to lead strategically versus operationally. The result of this work contributed to an increase in team ownership and a decreased need for leadership involvement.


Karen Jayne | CEO | Stardust

Gary led us through a strategy process that was practical, straightforward, and time-effective. It got us thinking differently and moving quickly on our high-value objectives. It was time very well spent.

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