The CEO MIND MIN Challenge

What is the CEO MIND “MIN” Challenge?

Similar to positive habits like taking time for gratitude or meditation, aligning yourself with what is most important in your business on a regular basis can have enormous benefits. Too often leaders will get sidetracked by activities and initiatives that consume time, but do not necessarily get them the results that they really care about.

The MIN Challenge is simple, but powerful.


At the beginning and end of every business day take a moment and remind yourself about your Most Important Number (MIN).

What’s a Most Important Number?

A Most Important Number is the number (above all other numbers) that tells you and your team whether you are winning or losing. MINs can be a traditional measure like profit, net income, or new sales from ideal clients.

A MIN might also be a metric that has special meaning to you. The former CEO of Cisco Systems, John Chambers, is very proud that over 10,000 people became millionaires during his tenure. The CEO of a non-profit might select an impact goal of number of people reached with their service.

Whatever your MIN is, reminding yourself of it daily will help you make improvements in areas like:

  • Conversations you are having with your team
  • Measuring success and progress
  • Organizing your schedule
  • Creating agendas for meetings
  • Strategic alignment
  • Evaluating roles

Give it a try and let me know what if any positive changes you see.

For more information on what MINs are and how the MIND Methodology works to help teams improve what is most important, check out these resources:

Intro to the MIND Methodology (video)
The MIND Methodology Playbook (pdf)


There are also several more video resources to view HERE.

And don’t think that this Challenge is just for CEOs. This same habit can have the same positive effects at a department level as well.

Even if you don’t commit to the challenge, I hope that the idea of taking a very focused and thoughtful approach to your Most Important Number will prompt you to think about where you and your team are putting your efforts and energies and what you might do to improve.

If you would like to connect and discuss more, drop me a line or look at my calendar here for times that might work for you.


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