Innovation Leadership

Innovation is what sparks the existence of any great enterprise. It keeps organizations relevant and vibrant.

BUT it is easy for organizations to lose their innovative edge. And without it, leaders risk their organizations becoming dangerously irrelevant.

There are many ways to help create an organization that is Dangerously Innovative™ and always a step ahead of the competition. Below are some examples of services that can support all parts of an organization, whether for individual leaders, teams, or the broader enterprise.


Executive Innovation Advisory Services

Advisory services in the context of innovation support an executive “behind the scenes” —helping them to see all the opportunities for driving innovation within their organization, finding the fastest path to get there, and having a sounding board to validate or adjust thinking. This service is ideal for experienced senior leaders and executives.


Innovating Executive 1:1 Coaching

Direct, structured support for senior leaders and executives. Coaching to improve innovation capacity is one of the most valuable developmental goals a leader can choose. This is because innovation requires many supporting leadership behaviors like collaboration, listening, and strategic agility that get developed simultaneously. This is appropriate for executives, senior leaders, and high-potential talent and is NOT limited to those in a technical leadership role.

Executive Innovation Sprint

A sprint experience guides a team though a full innovation cycle with the objective to drive innovation in specific strategic areas. The sprint in appropriate for an intact senior leadership team or for a senior leader and their team. The Executive Innovation Sprint will often follow or be combined with a Sentient Strategy® session.

Enterprise Innovation Programs

These custom programs are designed to support innovation broadly within an organization. Enterprise programs may be applied to the entire enterprise or to key divisions of an enterprise and may extend to open innovation with key suppliers and alliance partners.

Just as companies need sophisticated tools for management of customers and enterprise systems, companies also need the very best tools to manage the lifeblood of a company: it’s ideas to improve for the future.

The Innovation Minds platform is a suite of tools helps leaders generate ideas broadly and bring them to life.

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