Next Level Senior Leadership Team

Do you know any CEOs, business unit leaders, or business owners who want to level up their senior leadership teams quickly and confidently?

In fact, it could take less than twenty minutes.

I am looking for 5 leaders willing to give it a try with their teams and to give me their feedback.

Here’s the complimentary offer:

Next Level Senior Leadership Team

  1. Leadership assessment and report of up to 5 senior leadership team members. (All done online and in 20 minutes or less using the proven technology of Harrison Assessments.)
  2. Deep-dive report on 8 Essential Leadership Competencies (reports are DETAILED and usually run 50+ pages per leader and include measurement of essential traits and traits to avoid)
  3. Executive summary on How to Manage, Develop and Retain each leader
  4. Next Level Senior Leadership Planner to turn insights into actions
  5. Video call with me to answer any questions

 To get started, all a leader needs to do is email me “YES” (“hell ‘ya” is also acceptable!) before October 6th. Once I get their reply, they will receive simple instructions to get started. (Getting started is super easy and will take less than 5 minutes for a leader or a delegate.)

 And in case you were wondering:

Why before October 6th ?? I want to help leaders improve their teams, but I only want to help those who really want the help. The ability to take quick action is a sign of that.

Why only 5 companies? That’s all I can handle right now and I want it to be a valuable experience!

How accurate are these reports? VERY. The assessment process uses a validation technique that ensures results are consistent and reliable. (And a lot more effective than some other assessment approaches that assign a color, alphabet type, or spirit animal!)


Steve Nelson, CFA | CEO | Capital Insight Partners

“With Gary’s guidance we have not made a bad hire.  He boosts our confidence and ability to identify, hire and onboard great talent.  Our growth reflects this.”


Rebecca Butcher | Director, CPDE | Dartmouth College

“The process that Gary used to help our senior leadership team identify our strengths and gaps was instrumental in moving us to a more proactive approach with hiring, team management, and overall strategy.”

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