Developing a Sentient Strategy®

    Sentient Strategy® is a novel, high-impact approach to setting and executing strategy. It was developed by Dr. Alan Weiss as an antidote to the effects of typical strategy setting efforts, which often prove to be slow-moving, laborious, and “out of date” by the time they are produced.

    Recent events have shown just how important it is for executive teams to have:

    1. a framework by which they can make key strategic decisions quickly
    2. the agility and awareness required to thrive in this complex new environment
    3. clear accountabilities to maintain strategic momentum

    ….and that is exactly what the Sentient Strategy® approach provides.

    7 Rules for Strategy

    Download The 7 New Rules for Effective Strategy

    • Easily implemented and readily embraces all levels below the strategy formulation group.
    • Serves as an ongoing and daily template for decision making and is NOT a dusty binder on a neglected shelf.
    • Not an off-the-shelf regimen, but a flexible discipline which allows for the variations and uniqueness of any enterprise.
    • Focuses on 12-18 months instead of the more common multi-year approach. This makes the process much more pragmatic and automatically enhances accountability because key issues are not relegated to a “someday” that never comes.
    • It is best suited for small- and medium-sized businesses and for divisions of Fortune 1000 firms, in any type of industry
    • Non-profits, charities, government units (as well as for-profits)
    • Alignment with senior leadership team
    • Breakthrough approaches, not simply incremental changes dutifully projected in a spreadsheet
    • Rapid advancement on high value objectives
    • Provides an on-going framework that is “In the moment” and able to accommodate disruption, volatility, and abrupt change—whether an outside introduction of an inside initiative.
    • Identification of the priority sentient factors for consideration and diverts resources from low priority factors.

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