Strategic Development

    Every leader will agree on the importance of strategy.

    AND YET many of these same leaders will express dissatisfaction with both the OUTPUT of strategy sessions and RESULTS.

    Meaning, your strategy work should be creating a DOMINO, not a DOORSTOP.

    Strategy should propel your organization forward, not slow the team down.

    If you are frustrated with the lack of clarity, accountability, and execution, then rest assured, there is a better way.

    Recent events have shown just how important it is for executive teams to have:

    1. a framework by which they can make key strategic decisions quickly
    2. the agility and awareness required to thrive in this complex new environment
    3. clear accountabilities to maintain strategic momentum

    With a great strategy and great execution, a team can dominate their market.

    Without these, a company runs the risk of being merely competitive, which is a DANGEROUS place to be.

    “We are a fast-growing company and have a great team. By working with Gary, we have taken it to another level. The senior team is even more strategically aligned and quickly making progress on key drivers that will ensure we are a stand-out in our marketplace. I would recommend Gary and his approaches to other CEOs and business owners.”

    Jeff Hyvarinen | CEO | Danko Mechanical Sales

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